The host of a FISE Xperience stop will benefit from positive impacts in term of media, economic, social, images and event ecological preservation. They are the five main reasons to welcome FISE in your city!


FISE Xperience Series is a great opportunity to promote and highlight the host city through the media.

The stops of the FISE Xperience Series are event widely broadcasted on the television and internet. The strategic venue of the festival, located in the heart of the city, will allow it to benefit from an important media coverage.


The competitions of the FISE Xperience Series are a true alternative to traditional sports events, they are highly attractive for the host city and are a vector of development for the local economy. Welcoming a stop of the FISE Xperience Series will bring a significant economic impact from the promotion on the location of the event, the increase in patronage of bars, restaurants, public transportation, entertainment and souvenirs. The accommodation structure will also welcome numerous spectators of FISE.


Through the FISE Xperience Series the host city can reinforce its development policies and social cohesion through various angle. The FISE Xperience Series stops are festive events, spectacular and full of excitement. The free festival, open to all, is a way of bringing together spectators of all ages, nationalities and social categories.


Welcoming FISE Xperience Series is an opportunity to reinforce the internal initiatives of the city and boost its image. The young generation is constantly looking for creativity, assertiveness, identity and social integration which makes it particularly receptive to urban sports. Those sports do not respect the usual of defined time and space, they are more oriented towards the performance and progression, rather than winning or losing the competition.


As a responsible organizer Hurricane acknowledges the importance of sustainable development and includes an active eco-citizenship politic on its events. Several actions are therefore put into place in order to limit the waste linked to the event.

A concrete application of the eco-citizenship politic is the use of reusable cups “Ecocups” on the FISE’s events. The principle is indeed simple: we propose those cups for drinks with a deposit of 1€. The public is always very receptive to this operation and it limits the waste during the festival.


We aim to write a common story with the host cities and the sponsors for a sportive, economic and communication coherence. It is the reason why we propose you a three years commitment.